ST NEOTS – The Priory Centre

FIRE + ICE  - TWO Room Events

FIRE only night

In the FIRE room downstairs the music will be upbeat and modern.

In the ICE room upstairs the Northern Soul & Motown will be playing from 9 -11pm, followed by slick chilled out tracks for the Blues & West Coast Swing dancers until 1am, something for everyone!

Complimentary food & hot drinks available ALL evening to keep you energy levels up. Licensed bar & cooling fans plus large car available adjacent to the venue. DJ’s will be switching floors from time to time.

An awesome night out with top dances & a great atmosphere to match  

This extremely popular venue opens it’s doors to literally hundreds of dancers with an early bird entry of £10 before 9pm. Complimentary tea, coffee, sweet

& savoury snacks available throughout the night. Licensed bar & cooling fans available, plus large park adjacent to the venue. The music will be a fine selection of Modern, Smooth, Classic, Motown & Soul. Bring plenty of energy with you cause you gonna need it! See you on the dance floor.