ADMIT ONES DISCOUNT CARDS For Ceroc Central members

If you are a Ceroc Central member you can now buy Admit one cards (A1's) at a discounted price, which will give you free entry when the admission is less then £8.00.

Hand your A1 card over at either a REGULAR or FREESTYLE night & you pay nothing if the admission price is £8.00 or less. However, if the freestyle night is over £8.00 you just pay for the difference. A great way to save you money.

Call the office to buy your cards on 01234 378946

Price per pack

10 cards = £70.00  equivalent entry price £7

25 cards = £168.75 equivalent entry price £6.75

50 cards = £325.00 equivalent entry price £6.50

**For those of you that still have the Ceroc Passion & Ceroc UK black & orange A1 cards, these cards are no longer accepted at Ceroc Central venues as from 30th July 2010.